Blog #4 Impresssionism

I really enjoy the Impressionistic style of painting.  Impressionism seems fairly carefree when it comes to the sketchy and loose brush strokes.  It is a much more relaxed style of painting than that of the Italian Renaissance.  When examining Claude Monet’s Rue Montorgueil, 1878, Paris, the Impressionistic style is easily visible.

Notice the loose and sketchy strokes that give it somewhat of a hazy or shaky appearance.  The subject matter shows a pleasant scene or situation of the amusements and pastimes of the upper and middle class.  For instance in the painting above, the scenery is of a festival in Paris.  This is very different from Italian Renaissance art.  Examine Da Vinci’s The Last Supper 1948, Italy.
Italian Renaissance art often dealt with religious subject matter and were extremely detailed.  Notice the complexity weaved into each characters complexion, clothing and building details.  Da Vinci was one of the great God-given talent artists of his time.  The difference between the two is astounding.  I prefer the Renaissance art to the impressionistic style in this side-byside- comparison.  When it comes to detail, I like a lot of it.  Impressionistic art seems to lack in this department.  None-the-less, I still can appreciate this unique style.


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