Blog #6 Street Art

American Street Art

Jean- Michel Basquiat

Jean- Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn, New York, 1960, as son of an accountant.  He began exploring his talent by drawing cartoons.  While developing his skill, Jean sells hand-painted t-shirts and postcards and forms the band Gray with some friends.  Combining elements from African Diaspora with his own symbology Jean develops his own unique style, and is discovered by New York art critics. Throughout his career Jean works with many famous artists, including Andy Warhol.  In 1988 Jean dies.


The Nile 1983
This drawing looks really cool, it has a lot of really cool detail in it. This monumental painting explores Basquiat’s own heritage and connects the history of the United States with that of the ancient world.

Jimmy Best… 1981
I’m not sure what to think of this sketch.  It looks like it has a lot of personal history in it that I wouldn’t understand.

Notary 1983
This painting, figures, words, symbols, and designs form a collage of things he found in his life.  It seems like another very personal painting

CPRKR 1982
CPRKR stands for the jazz musician Charlie Parker, this painting was meant to honor him.

Per Capita 1981
This painting shows a boxer holding a torch. It seems like a child painted it.; although there is a lot of symbolism and terms in it.

Gold Griot 1984
Griots (pronounced gree-ohs) are West African storytellers who maintain an oral tradition of poetry, reciting a history—of family, community, and culture—to the people of a village. Griots originated in the Mali Empire, which at its height, in the fourteenth century, controlled the gold trade across the Saharan region. This is a painting on wood.


Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner began street painting in Rome in 1992, and in 984 was considered to be a master painter.  He was inspired by frescoed ceilings to create the illusions of height.  His art became known as 3D.  Street painting allows people to witness Kurt at work.


Ghetto 2007
This painting was created in a very run-down area.  I think the subject matter really compliments the location.

Times Square  2007
I’m really amazed at how Kurt blended the painting right into the wall.  The depth is amazing!


Spirit of Water 2007
I don’t understand how he blended the rocks right into the painting, it looks so good. Unreal.


Perseus 2007
Another example of a very good blending job with the stone sidewalk.

Babel 2007
This painting really looks like there’s a hole in the ground it unbelieveable.

Dies Irae 2007
Another amazing example of Kurt blending into the stone sidewalk, How does he do it?!



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